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AutoFix Car Repairs in Mansfield has some of the best technicians in the business specialising in a whole range of van & car repair work. We are confident that we will be able to identify, diagnose and provide repairs for any issues you are experiencing with your vehicle.

MOT Repairs - Repair work may be necessary to get your vehicle back on the road as a result of your MOT. We will provide a quote for this and will require your consent before any work is conducted.

Cambelts & Water Pumps - A snapped timing belt can cause serious and expensive damage to the engine as it controls the timing of the crankshaft and camshaft and the opening and closing of the valves in time with the pistons. It is vital that your cambelt is replaced in accordance with your manufacturer's specified intervals.

A water pump is a vital part of an engine’s operation as it ensures the coolant keeps moving through the engine maintaining an optimum operating temperature. If the Water pump fails or shows signs of failing it should be replaced immediately as it could cause damage to other parts of the engine. Typically, cambelts and water pumps are replaced together.

Cambelt - Car Repairs Mansfield

Exhausts - From exhaust system rebuilds to replacement catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and flexi pipe repairs.

Batteries - You can’t start your car without one and they often give very little indication that they are about to fail. Battery replacement is generally a quick and simple process.

Batteries - Car Repairs Mansfield

Brakes - Including repair work to the brake discs, brake pads, hydraulics, hoses, calipers, cylinders and all mechanical workings of your brakes.

Brakes Discs - Car Repairs Mansfield

Clutches & Dual Mass Flywheel - Including full clutch assembly, clutch refurbishment and clutch replacements. It is recommended when a clutch is replaced any DMF(Dual Mass Flywheel) should also be replaced.

Clutch - Car Repairs Mansfield

Suspension and Steering - This can include repairs to ball joints, wishbones, track control arms, road springs, shock absorbers, suspension bushes, steering racks and the hydraulic components.

Steering - Car Repairs Mansfield

Engine & Fuel System Repairs - Including engine rebuilds, head gaskets, EGR valves/coolers, turbochargers, oil pumps, injectors and all other engine and fuel system repairs not listed.

Gearbox - Offering both repairs and replacements to gearboxes and clutches we will first need to determine where any issues may lie. Our technicians will be able to get a good idea from a short drive in your vehicle, any noticeable changes in performance should be reported upon booking your vehicle in for repair.

Faults (including diagnosis) - Using the latest diagnostic tools we are able to identify a range of faults that may be appearing as warning lights on the dashboard. Our diagnostics page has more details on the types of faults we are able to offer repairs for.

Mechanic diagnosing a vehicle - Car Diagnostics Mansfield

If you have any questions regarding booking in van & car repair work you can contact us on 01623 362 364 or send us a message using our contact form to discuss this further.


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